Priscilla Jackman’s background in theatre-making and acting has informed her work in both the UK and Sydney. Priscilla was recently awarded the Rockend Berlin New Music Opera Award by The Opera Foundation for Young Australians, and was appointed Resident Director of Sport for Jove’s Winter season 2017. in 2016, she was the inaugural recipient of the Sandra Bates Directing Award, Ensemble Theatre, and is a graduate of NIDA’s Masters of Fine Arts, Directing (2016).

For Sydney Theatre Company, Priscilla has created and directed Something For Cate: The Catherine McGregor Story (Rough Drafts, 2016). In July 2017, Priscilla assistant directed for Damien Ryan on Sydney Theatre Company’s The Father, starring John Bell. She assistant directed for Sarah Goodes on Sydney Theatre Company’s The Hanging, by Angela Betzien (2016). Priscilla was Sydney Theatre Company’s emerging director nominee for Playwriting Australia’s Directors Studio (2015).

For Ensemble Theatre, Priscilla directed Relatively Speaking transfer to Glen St Theatre (2017), as well as the Boatshed Program’s Importance of Being Earnest (2016). She assistant directed for Mark Kilmurry on Good People and Barefoot in the Park (2016).

Priscilla has demonstrated a commitment and passion for developing new Australian work which includes current collaborations with Nam Le based on her original adaptation of his short story Love and Honour, from his award winning book The Boat. She is the conceiver and director of Eurydike + Orpheus – a new Australian epic work for the National Institute of Dramatic Art in which she is leading their first co-production with the National Institute of Circus Art, Melbourne (2017).  She is co-creator (with writer Sunny Grace) and director of new Australian play, The Angelica Complex, for Invisible Circus – a season of independent female directors at Kings X Theatre (2016).

Priscilla is the recipient of the Belvoir Artist Workshop (2017) and the Melbourne Director’s Lab 2016 (MTC, Melbourne Festival, Theatre Works). She directed Triple J’s unearthed artist, WILSN’s music video clip Walking For Days (2015).

In 2014 Priscilla was invited to work with Complicite (UK), in collaboration with their Creative Learning team, to develop innovative resources to support theatre-makers in devising original work. She represented the Southbank Centre London at the Sydney Writers Festival in 2013, directing the ‘Under 10s Feminist Corner’ to explore what being a feminist means for girls under ten years of age. Priscilla has written dramaturgical resources for the NSW Department of Education and presented at National and State Drama Conferences (2014, 2015). She has lectured NIDA Masters of Fine Arts, Directing students in devised theatre practices. Priscilla holds a Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) and in 2015 was awarded a Highly Accomplished Teaching Accreditation award by the NSW Board of Studies and Teacher Institute.

As an actor in the UK, Priscilla was a company member of MOPA (Method of Physical Action) and Theatre Adad, and was a founding cast member of Itchy Feet’s The Vegemite Tales. Her television credits include: The Power Games: The Murdoch Packer Story, Love Child, All Saints, Forty Something. Radio: BBC World Service We Are Water.

Priscilla is invested in an exquisite exchange between audience and actors through a dynamic exploration of space using traditional and 21st century technologies, and is excited to contribute to the hybrid and exciting fusion of innovative theatre, arts and cultural practice in Australia.

Priscilla is represented by The Yellow Agency.

Artistic Statement

I seek to create theatre that mutates truth while at the same time consolidating it. Theatre that moves me most, is theatre that entices a visceral response from audiences – those exquisite, all too rare moments in a darkened space when we literally feel every molecule in our body involuntarily responding to the beauty or grotesqueness or tragedy or sheer presence of the living breathing moment. I am moved by beauty, I am moved by light and bodies, poetry in motion and language and sound and silence. Metaphor moves me. Space fascinates me. As a director I ask myself how does the language and quality of movement, text, sound and image interplay collectively so that the space itself becomes a living, breathing force?

We go to the theatre to see ourselves because we are inextricably invested in our humanness which paradoxically is also the source of our ‘otherness’. Theatre consummates our timeless struggle to both grapple and celebrate who we are and what our collective and solitary experience means. We are myth magnets, meaning hunters.

I am passionate about creating theatre that enlivens us culturally as Australians. Margaret Cameron’s statement “to audience is a verb” feels like a call to action for me as a director. I want to create theatre in which the audience is complicit because of the active consensus of shared imagination taking place between actor and spectator. I want to create theatre that enlivens the mind and stirs the soul – that vibrates with resonance, provocation and connection.


Agent: The Yellow Agency | Ph: 02 80904421 | Email:


2017 Resident Director, Sport for Jove

2017 Belvoir Artist’s Workshop, Belvoir St Theatre

2016 Sandra Bates Directing Award, Ensemble Theatre

2016 Melbourne Director’s Lab, MTC, TheatreWorks, Melbourne Festival

2016 Summer Camp Residency, Bondi Rock Surfers

2015 STC Nominee Emerging Director, Playwriting Australia’s Director’s Studio

2015 Masters of Fine Arts, Directing, National Institute of Dramatic Arts

2015 Highly Accomplished Teacher Accreditation award, Board of Studies Institute of Teachers NSW

2012 Certificate IV Training and Assessment

2010 Qualified Teacher Status, University of East London

2006 Bachelor of Secondary Teaching, University of Western Sydney
(Distinction & Awarded College of Arts Dean’s Medal)

1999 Bachelor of Theatre Arts, Acting (Distinction), University of Southern Queensland


2015 Committee member Board of Educational Studies NIDA

2014 Committee member for Sydney Theatre Company Education Teacher’s Advisory Group

2014 & 2013 Representational Educational Committee member, Riverside Theatre, Parramatta

2014 & 2013 Committee member for Professional Teacher’s Council NSW

2014 & 2013 Committee member for Drama NSW Teaching Association

2012 Director, NSW Multicultural Playwright’s Program – ‘Running for Freedom’ NSW State Drama Festival


2015 Presenter – National Drama Conference

2014 Presenter – NSW State Drama Conference

2014 Presenter – Department of Education and Communities, Creative Arts Curriculum

2014 & 2015 Presenter – Erudio Education Pty Ltd Teacher’s Professional Development

2014 & 2013 Presenter – Drama NSW Association Early Career Teacher’s Professional Development days

2013 Facilitator for Southbank Centre London at the Sydney Writer’s Festival ‘Under 10 Feminist Corner’

2013 Presenter corporate dramatist – Role Play UK

2012 Presenter corporate dramatist – Black Dog Institute & AnniInc


May 2016 – NIDA Masters of Fine Arts, Directing – Lecturer in Devised Theatre

Oct 2014 – Theatre du Complicite (UK) – Creative Learning Team (project collaborator)
On-line resources for theatre-makers in devised theatre practices

Aug 2014, 2013 – NSW HSC Practical Drama Examination Marker

2013 – NSW Board of Studies Registered Curriculum Writer

2013 – Assistant Stage Manager, NSW OnStage

2014 & 2013 – Director, NSW Arts Unit State Ensemble

Jan 2012 – 2014: Macarthur Girls High School – Drama Teacher, Year Advisor
1-19 Macarthur Street, Parramatta 2151
Ph: 9683 1866

Jan 2011 – Dec 2011 – Newtown High School of the Performing Arts – English and Drama Teacher
King Street, Newtown Sydney
Ph: 02 9519 1544

Sep 2008 – Dec 2010:  Wanstead Performing Arts High School – Assistant Head of Drama & Dance Department
Redbridge East London EC11 2JZ
Ph: +44 208 989 2791


2017 Stage, The Father, Sydney Theatre Company (assistant director)

2017 Stage, The Tempest, Sport for Jove Winter Season (co-director)

2017 Stage, Romeo & Juliet, Sport for Jove Winter Season (co-director)

2017 Stage, Eurydike + Orpheus, NIDA&NICA co-production (director and conceiver)

2017 Stage, Relatively Speaking, Ensemble Theatre (director, transfer Glen St Theatre)

2017 Stage, Photosynthesis, Seymour Centre (director)

2016 Stage, The Angelica Complex, Invisible Circus season KX Theatre, (director & co-creator)

2016 Stage, The Hanging by Angela Betzien, Sydney Theatre Company (assistant director)

2016 Stage, Something For Cate: The Catherine McGregor Story, STC Rough Drafts (director & creator)

2016 Stage, The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, Ensemble Theatre Boatshed Program (director)

2016 Stage, Barefoot in the Park by Neil Simon, Ensemble Theatre (assistant director)

2016 Stage, Good People by David Lindsay Abaire, Ensemble Theatre (assistant director)

2015 Stage, Love and Honour by Nam Le NIDA (director and adaptation)

2015 Music video clip, Walking for Days WILSN NIDA

2015 Stage, Beyond the Sky and the Sea NIDA and Aboriginal Centre of Performing Arts

2015 Stage, The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams (abridged) NIDA

2014 Stage, Creative Learning Resource Project with Complicite (UK)

2014 Stage, Orpheus and Eurydice, NSW Arts Unit

2013 Stage, So City by Miles Merril, NSW Arts Unit

2012 Stage, Running for Freedom, NSW State Festival

FACILITATION & ROLE PLAY  – Corporate Training

November 2007 – 2010: Imprology
Position Held: Facilitator, Coach and Company Member

May 2008 – December 2009: Skills To Success
Position Held: Facilitator and Coach (trainee)

January 2005 – 2013: Playback Theatre Sydney
P.O. Box 770, Leichhardt, NSW 2040
Position Held: Performer & Company Member (Part Time/Contracted)


December 2001 – December 2003: MOPA Shakespeare Theatre
St Albans, Herts
Ph: +44 171727 765975

December 2001 – December 2003: Theatre ADAD
Lewisham, South London
Ph: +44 800 083 1637

May 2001 – December 2003: Itchy Feet Theatre, LondonPositions Held: Actor & Facilitator (contracted)

Position Held:  Managing Director & Cast Member


January 2000 – currently  Contracted work as an actor in London and Sydney.

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