Eurydike + Orpheus Creative Development Workshop

Conceived and Directed by Priscilla Jackman
by Jane Montgomery Griffiths
Circus Direction by Zebastian Hunter
Designed by Genevieve Graham
Production Photography by Phil Erbacher
Cast: 3rd Year NIDA Actors and 2nd Year NICA artists

Co Production between the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and National Institute of Circus Art (NICA)

Date: Creative Development April 2017

About the Project

Over a rip roaring three day creative development in April 2017, performers from the National Institute of Dramatic Art, Sydney (NIDA) and the National Institute of Circus Art, Melbourne (NICA), came together for the first time in the history of the national schools of excellence, under the direction of Priscilla Jackman, to workshop this epic new Australian work.

Eurydike + Orpheus is a timeless and universal tale of love, loss, faith and surrender. Inspired by Ancient Greek mythology, this new adaptation is conceived and directed by Priscilla Jackman, with words by Jane Montgomery Griffiths, circus direction by Zebastian Hunter and design by Genevieve Graham.

In this reworking, Eurydike is positioned as an equal protagonist to her Orpheus, as the star-crossed lovers traverse the realms of human existence – from the land of mortals to the hallowed halls of Hades’ hell – fighting for their lives, in order to preserve their eternal love. The production activates a rich integration of expansive and imaginative theatrical traditions including heightened poetic language, physical theatre, circus aerial spectacle, operatic soundscapes and innovative projection and video art.