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Triple J Video Clip: "Walking for Days"

Triple J Unearthed Music Video

Artist: WILSN
Song: Walking For Days
Date: 2015
Cinematography: Velinda Wardell
Artistic Consultant and Photography: Phil Erbacher
Production Design: Sabina Myers and Courtney Westbrook
Writer/Dramaturg: Sunny Grace

About the project:

In 2015 Priscilla worked with Melbourne singer/songwriter, WILSN to create her video clip for Triple J Unearthed track Walking for Days. Collaborating with director of photography Velinda Wardell, Priscilla and her team created two distinct ‘worlds’ – one of the beautiful singer WILSN and the other world belonging to Superheroine played by Megan Hind. Singing her ‘alterego’ to a place of confidence and self-belief, the Superheroine literally takes flight in her new found world.

Walking for Days is more than just a break-up song, it is about empowerment. It is about walking away from a constricting relationship and finding the courage to be who you really are – and in so doing – talking flight in your world!