The Catherine McGregor Story

Created and Directed by Priscilla Jackman
Sydney Theatre Company Rough Drafts

Cast list: Kym Vercoe, Guilllaume Barriere, Jy Etherington, Nicholas Brown, Kiki Skountzos
Date: May 2016

About the project

Something for Cate (working title) tells the story of the exquisitely turbulent life of Australian national treasure –  Catherine McGregor, 2016 Queensland Australian of the Year, and the world’s highest ranking transgender military officer. Her extraordinary career has taken her from rabble-rousing political operative in government’s highest circles to cricket writer of national acclaim to decorated soldier, who was awarded an Order of Australia for exceptional service to the Australian Army in 2012. An expert in combat, Catherine has also fought her own private battle. At the age of 56 she faced a turning point: suicide or transitioning as a woman.

Something For Cate (working title) is a theatrical effusion, in both form and content. Drawing on a      -style methodology, Priscilla and her team harness Cate’s exceptional eloquence and passion for language and storytellling. The complexity of her epic journey is honoured and magnified through physical and visual theatrical expression that moves audiences beyond the literal using a fusion of traditional and twenty-first century technologies. Revealing a woman of extraordinary passion, fierce intellect and unflinching courage, Priscilla explores Cate’s juxtaposing passions and her razor sharp insights through humour and pathos – giving insight into the phenomenal story of a woman who has fought for her life to be Catherine McGregor.  

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