The Tempest

By William Shakespeare
Co-directed by Damien Ryan and Priscilla Jackman
Designed by Renata Beslik
Production Photography by Phil Erbacher
Cast: Damien Ryan, Claudia Ware, Chris Stalley, Francesca Savige, Drew Livingston, Amy Usherwood, Christopher Tomkinson, George Banders, Scott Sheridan, Madeline Jones
Produced by Sport for Jove Winter Season 2017
Date: April-June 2017

About the Project

Priscilla co-directed The Tempest with Damien Ryan for Sport For Jove’s Winter Season 2017. This season included a repertory program of three Shakespeare productions – The Tempest, Romeo & Juliet and Midsummer Night’s Dream with seasons at both Riverside Theatre and the Seymour Centre.